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Lead presentations during meetings
Our Lead Generation Services

One customer per county, first come first serve.

Please schedule a consultation to check availability.

Skip Tracing Only

Do you have a list but you need to find

the phone numbers & emails associated with your leads?

We can find them for you.

After you upload your provided absentee list,

we can then extract the data you need

quickly and accurately within 24-48 hours.

List Pulling & Skip Tracing

Need more absentee leads?

We have the highest quality and most affordable

list pulling and skip tracing service.

We can pull time-sensitive,

targeted lists, and then extract

the data you need to get properties under contract and quickly get them into the

hands of real estate investors.

Cold Calling

Our professional team will connect you with

motivated seller leads in the market of your choice.

You do not have to provide the absentee lists or extract the data—we do that for you with our cold calling packages. 

You do not have to pick up a phone or buy a pricy dialer.

We will bring the deals to you.

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